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Lynnita Brown, creator of The Korean War Educator, is available as a public speaker for Korean War veterans' reunions and other public meetings. She has spoken at numerous Korean War veterans' gatherings throughout the United States, basing the presentations on her work with hundreds of Korean War veterans. She speaks using limited notes, since the subject of Korean War veterans is familiar and very dear to her. The title of her presentation is, "ENDURANCE."

Although Lynnita is much more knowledgeable about the Korean War than the average American citizen, she has no military background and does not proclaim to be an "expert" on the war. Instead, her field of expertise is understanding the feelings of Korean War veterans themselves. Lynnita has interviewed some 400 Korean War veterans in personal interviews of three to nine-hours length. The simple oral history project she began in 1996 has now evolved into one of the nation's largest holdings of full-length interviews with Korean War veterans. The interviews are not limited to one geographical area or state, since Lynnita obtains interviews with veterans from all over the United States at veterans' reunions and via interviews conducted on the Internet. Lynnita discusses with her audiences why the general public has such limited knowledge of the Korean War, explaining to veterans how they can help educate the public about the Korean War--one of the bloodiest, coldest wars in American history.

Lynnita Brown charges no speaker's fee. Donations may be made to The Korean War Educator Foundation in lieu of a speaker's fee, but that is not a mandatory requirement. Organizations wishing to engage Lynnita as a speaker must pay reasonable transportation and lodging expenses. No transportation fee is required for speaking engagements in downstate Illinois. For complete biographical information about Lynnita Brown and her background with Korean War veterans, click on this website's Table of Contents line titled "Korean War Educator (About Lynnita Brown)". Contact information is available on her bio page.

Other Public Speakers

The following speakers are not affiliated with the Korean War Educator.

*Public speakers whose presentations deal with the Korean War are welcome to post their bio on this Public Speaker Service page. Speakers must provide references, costs, and contact information. The Korean War Educator reserves the right to accept, reject, and/or edit the content of materials submitted to this page. To submit information about your presentation, send text and photographs to Lynnita Brown, Korean War Educator, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953; e-mail

Valley, David J.
Our Most Famous Five Star General in a Stunning Re-enactment

David Valley is the acclaimed author of Gaijin Shogun, Gen. Douglas MacArthur: Stepfather of Postwar Japan. Chairman of the General MacArthur Honor Guard Association, Valley presents a fast-paced forty-minute impersonation of the General, discussing his greatest challenges and achievements. Speaking in the first person, Valley starts with the great battle to save the Philippines in 1942, MacArthur's triumphant return, the democratization of Japan, the Korean War, and the final chapter of MacArthur's colorful 52 years of military service. Valley, as the General, delivers the Philippines victory speech and excerpts from addresses to West Point and the U.S. Congress.

Valley is a Korean War combat veteran and former member of General MacArthur's Honor Guard. He lived in Japan many years as an executive in the high-tech field. Now retired, he writes, lectures, and resides in San Diego, California with his wife, Dottie. In his capacity as chairman of the General MacArthur Honor Guard Association, he and 36 other former Honor Guards went to Tokyo in April of 2001 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of General MacArthur's military career and his departure from Japan.
References to David Valley's presentations are available from the American Legion; the China, Burma, India Veterans Association; Republican Women Federation; Veterans of Foreign Wars; and The Retired Officers Association.

Mr. Valley welcomes inquiries. Please call, write, fax or e-mail: David J. Valley, P.O. Box 501005, San Diego, CA 92150, Telephone: 858-705 -6303. E-mail

Costs associated with Valley's presentation: If within Southern California, he will drive and not charge per diem. If outside Southern California, there is a charge for airfare and lodging if there is an overnight stay. Mr. Valley reserves the right to sell copies of his book prior to and following his presentations. No speaker fees are charged to small groups of under 50 people, but they have to guarantee a minimum of ten books @$10 each for veterans; $15 each for non-vets. For larger groups, there is a fee of $1.00 per person, plus whatever book sales Valley generates. Valley always signs the books for recipients.


Joseph E. Gonsalves
Author of Battle at the 38th Parallel

Joseph Gonsalves, author of Battle at the 38th Parallel, is available to give a one-hour presentation on the final phase of the Korean War-a forgotten time in a forgotten war. It is not a personal reminiscence or an exploration of personalities and strategies. Rather, Gonsalves uses his old outfit-Easy Company, 17th Regiment, 7th Division-to illustrate how it was to fight and survive, and sometimes to die, in a backward country that, while geographically significant, no one much cared about, save the North and South Koreans, the Chinese, and the United Nations forces sent there to oppose the Reds.

Gonsalves offers enough geopolitical background to put the conflict in context, but concentrates on telling of a rifle company's experiences during the last year of the stalemated fighting. It's a GI's world of war, where the actions of 1952/1953 were dug-in, frustrating, freezing, sweaty, muddy, bloody exchanges of propaganda and lethal ordnance, with counterpoints of crushing boredom and mindless terror. Gonsalves's presentation is enhanced through the display of photographs and illustrations from the period.

Gonsalves is a Korean War combat veteran of the outpost wars which raged from 1952 to the end of the war in July 1953. His assignments ranged from rifleman to platoon sergeant during the 11 months spent with the 17th Regiment of the 7th Division. After the war, he worked in the aerospace industry for 37 years, most of that time with the Boeing Company. Now retired, he lives in Bluffton, South Carolina.

References to Joseph Gonsalves' presentations are available from the 17th Infantry Association, the Engineering Officer Candidate Association and the Boeing Management Association. Mr. Gonsalves welcomes inquiries. Please call, write, e-mail or phone: Joseph E. Gonsalves, 19 Mongin Way, Bluffton, SC 29910. Ph. 843-705-5641. E-mail

Costs associated with Gonsalves' presentation: If within the Southeastern United States, he will drive and not charge per diem. If outside the Southeastern United States, there is a charge for airfare and lodging. Mr. Gonsalves reserves the right to sell copies of his book prior to and following his presentation. No speaker fees are charged, but groups have to guarantee a minimum of twenty-five book sales @$18 each. Gonsalves will always sign copies of his books for recipients. Further information about Battle at the 38th Parallel can be found in The Korean War Educator's General Store book section.


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