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B29 Crash

My brother, Joe Rose, passed away recently.  He was a crew member on a B29 during the Korean War, and as a CFC gunner, flew on many combat missions.  I think his aircraft was a part of the 407th Bomb Group.  In 1952, his B29 crashed on landing on Okinawa.  There was one fatality in that crash, the radio operator, I believe.  Is there any way to find out details of that crash through an "after action report" or some sort of document such as that?  I have seen articles online of many B29 crashes all over the world.  Do you have any suggestions on how I could get this information?

Contact: Charles A. Rose, Sr. at southlandsolutions@carolina.rr.com.  Phone 704-827-6349.

[Posted 3/07/10]

Duty stations - USAF

I am not looking for any one person, but would like to hear from anyone who I was stationed with at the following locations:

  • Oct/Nov 1950 - Basic Training Flight 6098, 3724 Training Squadron, Lackland AFB, Texas;
  • Nov 1950-Oct. 1952 - Headquarters Squadron, 3500 Air Base Group, Reese AFB, Texas;
  • Dec. 1952-Oct. 1953 - 5th Air Force Advance Headquarters, Headquarters Squadron Section, 6154th Air Base Group, APO 970, Seoul, Korea;
  • Dec. 1953-Oct. 1954 - Headquarters, 3499 Mobile Training Wing, 3498 Maintenance Squadron, Chanute AFB, IL.

In addition, I took a Postal Operations Course at Ft. Lee, Virginia Army Base, the Adjutant School, in January and February 1951.

Contact:  Hershall E. Lee, 212 S. Kentucky Ave., Danville, IL 61832.

Engineer Aviation Battalion

I am seeking contact with anyone who served with Engineer Aviation Battalions during the Korean War.

Contact:  John Nowlan in Wisconsin.  E-mail sftmsgt@triwest.net.

Lackland/Keesler Veterans

Looking for a Richard "Rocky" Pelletier that was stationed with my Dad, John Medlin in late 1940's at Lackland AFB. Squadron BP1, BP4. Both men SGT's. Dad thinks he was originally from a New England state. Also, searching for a Doyle Clay, stationed at Keesler AFB in early 1950's. Any info greatly appreciated! I began this search in December 1988 to surprise my Dad who is now 75 years old and I would love to get any info to him re: these two men.

Contact:  Kathleen Medlin-McSorley via the Korean War Educator.


[Posted 11/11/07]

4th F(AW)S, Naha AB, Okinawa

I have been trying to find something about the outfit that I was with in the Air Force 1950-53 on Okinawa.  I have been unable to get in contact with anyone in my outfit, but would like to find someone.

Contact:  Joe Snyder, 807 Mt. Harmony Rd., P.O. Box 216, Niota, TN 37826;
ph. 423-568-2190; cell phone 506-3507; e-mail bojoo@icx.net.

5th Air Force, 6148th Air Base Unit

Hi. I am e-mailing for my dad. He served in Korea from July 1950 to April 1951 and then was in Japan for a while.  He served with the 5th Air Force, 6148th Air Base Unit. Dad is looking for anyone who may have served with him, and he is also looking for issues of the Stars and Stripes Military Newspapers from the time he spent in Korea. He's been denied Veteran's benefits. There's an article in one of those papers that he needs. He served with the UN Troops.  I have a photo of a guy he knew in Japan -- I don't know who the friend is -- dad can't remember his name.

This guy is on the left side of the photo I am sending -- he was stationed at Misawa Air Base in Japan circa 1950 or 1951. This guy's home state was Texas. I don't know if anyone may recognize him or not. My dad is on the right in the photo - Sgt Donald Luckenbaugh, 5th Air Force, 6148th Air Base Unit, July 1950 to April 1951.

Contact: Wanda Luckenbaugh-Kefauver at sunset@blazenet.net.

[Posted 8/31/06]

22nd Bombardment Group

My dad's name is James "Jim" Leroy Olson and he was in the USAF in Korea.  I believe he was part of the 22d Bombardment Group and stationed in Kadena AB, Okinawa in the early 1950s.  He was a gunner on a B-29.  He was originally from Detroit Lakes, MN.  I am his daughter and although he passed away in 2005, I would love to meet and talk to some of the service men who knew or flew with my dad.  He received a Purple Heart or Bronze Star, I'm not sure which, and I don't know the story behind it.  He didn't talk much about his service history.  I would love to hear his story from his comrades.

Contact: Lorree M. Fleming, Pearland, TX.  Ph. 713-412-6324.  E-mail lorreefleming@earthlink.net.

[Posted 3/12/2013]

25th Fighter Interceptor Squadron/51st FIW - Fighter Pilot Buddies

I am looking for several of my husband's fighter pilot buddies who served with him on Okinawa January - December, 1955. There names are 2Lt. Richard (Dick) Main and 2Lt. John Holds. Dick Main was on Okinawa 1955 with the 25th Fighter Interceptor Squadron/51st Fighter Interceptor Wing.  I believe that he was from the west coast. It is a shame that we lost track after we got out of the AF. Everyone had to go back to college or get a job right away. Sally and John Holds used to live in San Antonio, TX about 17 years ago.

My husband, Rudy J. Janasak, retired from the active Air Force in January 1956, but remained in the AF Reserves until 1977. He passed away suddenly on May 13, 1987. He had a military funeral and is buried in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY. I lived in Plano, TX now. Presently, I am writing our family history and am looking for any of the fighter pilots who served in the 25th Interceptor Squadron. Dick and his wife, Shirley, lived in California or Washington state, I believe. The last time I had contact with John Holds and his wife, Sally (?) was when I returned to Texas in 1988 after my husband's death in May of 1987. I believe John and Sally were living in San Antonio, TX at the time.

As I mentioned I want to put down on paper our life together...how we met (finished), Rudy leaving for Korea two weeks after our marriage, our life on Okinawa, etc. We only have two grandchildren, Kara, now 22 and was almost five when her grandfather died and Nathan, eleven who never knew his grandfather. Thanks for your help and bless you for giving this service. I also am putting together information on the Korean War (forgotten war) and what it was like to be a pilot's wife, etc. I now am a private teacher, teaching students who have learning problems. BJ

Contact: Barbara Janasak, bjana719@earthlink.net

40th Fighter Squad, 35th Fighter Group

My grandfather really wants to find some of his buddies from the Korean War.  He was stationed in Japan from 1948-1952.  There are two names he remembers: Bob/Robert Kearns and David Waldron.  Waldron's middle name may be Edward.  My grandfather's is Alfred Rushlow.  His nickname was Shorty.  He knows that David was born in Mt. Clemens, MI and he would be in his high 70s/low 80s now.  If you could please help my grandfather reunite with old friends he would never forget it.

Contact: lkretzinger@charter.net.

[Posted 4/09/07]

49th Air Police Squadron

I would like to contact anyone who served in the 49th Air Police Squadron at K-2 (near Taegu, S. Korea) from early July 1950 through October 1951.  I remember Sgt. Jack Houston, Capt. Herman E. Monroe, Lt. Col Bull, Corporal Paul Davis, and Father Travis.

Contact:  Jim Allen at jall@watervalley.net.

67 Photo Recon Wing

Looking for anyone who served in the 67 Photo Recon Wing, both at Itami AFB, Japan, and also K-14 Kimpo AFB, Korea.

Names are fading with time, but some are: Ben Jones from Riverside, CA; A. Hillard, Geo. Jamison, Phifier, Jess Elliott, and Gentry.

Contact:  Howard J. Bell Sr., BellJOHO@aol.com.

134th Air Control Squadron

I found the page about the Globemaster crash while doing historical research of my Air National Guard squadron, the 134th Air Control Squadron.  I believe one of the servicemen killed in the crash, Paul Donahoe of LaPorte, TX may have been a member of my squadron.  The then 134th Air Control & Warning Squadron was pased at LaPorte when it was activated for the Korean War and sent to Geiger Field, WA.  I have been searching for Korean-era squadron members and any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Brian R. Kinderknecht, MSgt., KSANG, Network Systems Superintendent, 134th Air Control Squsron, 52850 Jayhawk Drive, Suite 5, McConnell AFB, KS 67221-9007, DSN: 743-7996, Commercial: 316-759-7996.

[Posted 4/19/06]

311th Fighter Bomber Squadron

I'm retired from the USAF and served in the 311th Fighter Bomber Squadron (58th Wing) in Osan, Korea (K55) APO 970 from June 1957 to June 1958.  The Commanding Officer was Lt. Col. William C. Davis.  Our aircraft were F86F's.  If anyone served with me during that period please contact me at my e-mail address or at 2117 Rosewood Dr., Abilene, TX 79603.

Contact: Chuck Griffin at cdrift27@suddenlink.net.

[Posted 11/13/08]

543rd Ammo Supply Squadron Depot

I served in the 543rd Ammo Supply Squadron Depot in Huendie (or ei), Korea near the K-9 Airbase, Pusan Perimeter, 1952-1953.  I'm looking for the following buddies whom I served with:

  • Joe Fidel-Long Beach, California
  • Hubert J. Reid
  • James Whipps-Billings, Montana
  • Merle Chalander
  • Charles Bynum
  • Joe Villerias-San Antonio, Texas
  • Tom Estes-Chicago, Illnois
  • James Querdibiddy-Iowa

Contact: Richard "Dick" Rice, 11880 Weathervane Circle, Palmer, Alaska 99645.  Home telephone number: 907-746-5143; e-mail address: snowshub@mtaonline.net.  I would appreciate anyone who knows of my buddies to call or email me.

[Posted 4/21/07]

608th AC&W, 502nd TCG

I am looking for members of the 608th AC&W, 502nd TCG Korean War, to share memories with.  I was in the 608th Det 4 near K18, Kangnung on the mountaintop, east coast, from 8/52-8/53.  Also near K50 Sokcho-ri for about a month.  Radio maintenance tech on ground to air commo and crypto.

Contact Carl Johnson, Huntersville, NC; e-mail carlfjohnson@bellsouth.net.

614th Air Base Unit

Former officers and airmen who served under Major Dean Hess with the 614th ABU between July 1950 and June 1951.

Please e-mail Tom Cabaniss at tcggs@aol.com or call Tom at 770-998-3810.

933rd Signal Battalion, Company A, Air Force

I have been trying to find any information I can get on the 933rd, which was activated at Pope AFB, North Carolina, after the 934th Signal Battalion went to Korea.  To date I have not been able to find anything at all.  I was in the 20th Comm. Sq., which was deactivated and reactivated as Company A, 933rd.

Contact: William H. Johnson, bill3262@cox.net.

2048th AACS Squadron, WAF, Ft. Worth, TX

I am still searching for WAF that I worked with at Fort Worth, TX.  We were stationed at Carswell Air Force Base and worked in the Switching Center.  We lived in the 4005th WAF Squadron Barracks under the supervision of Captain Knapik.  We were part of the 2048th AACS Squadron.

I would especially like to locate Pat Collins and Barbara Ridley.  Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to locate women who have married and changed their names.  Anyone that remembers the 50s at Carswell?  I would love to hear from you.

Contact: Joan G. McKinney at thejodie@bscn.com.

3498 Maintenance and Supply Squadron

My father was James A. Miller.  I think some of his buddies called him "Joe."  He served as a radio mechanic in the 3498 Maintenance and Supply Squadron from approximately 1949-1952 in Chanute Air Force Base, Rantoul, IL.  I would like to find a list of people he may have served with so I can attempt to locate as many of them as he remembers.

Contact: Jamie Miller at wildcountry30000@yahoo.com.

[Posted 3/07/2010]

3810th USAF Hospital

Searching for anyone who served in the 3810th USAF Hospital who remembers my father, Willard G. Bledsoe, AF14352219.  He enlisted in the Air Force for four years at Chattanooga, TN and was discharged at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, on July 6, 1954.  His most significant duty assignment was the 3810th USAF Hospital.  He was a male nurse.  I know nothing about the 3810th or my father's military service.  I loved my dad so much and finding something about him would be like a connection I can make with him.

Contact: Donna Jordan at jordan274475@bellsouth.net.

[Posted 6/22/08]

6332nd Air Base Wing

Searching for those who served with my father, Willard Grant Bledsoe, in the 6332nd Air Base Wing (APO 239 Unit 1) and 6332nd Medical Group, Kadena Air Base in Okinawa.

Contact: Donna Jordan, jordan274475@bellsouth.net.

[Posted 12/21/08]


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