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1st Cavalry Division

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G Co., 8th Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division

My name is Bill, a new member of the KWVA.  I was in Korea from September 1950 to early 1951.  I was a medic with 1st Platoon "G" Co., 8th Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, and I am looking for anyone who was in my outfit.

Contact: joannbill247@aol.com.

1st Cav. Div., 5th Inf. Regt., HQ & HQ Co., attached to Heavy 4.2 Mortars Co. (1950)

I was in the 1st Cavalry Division, 5th Infantry Regiment, HQ & HQ Company, attached to heavy 4.2 mortars company.  I got to Korea the last part of June 1950, about the 28th.  We left Camp McGill, Japan.  I know we had a company picture and something like a year book that was made up in 1949.  I am having a hard time trying to track my company.  I know we got hit hard and the company was split into squads.  We fought with any friendly forces we could find.  Do you know of any trooper that might have one of those year books or anyone that was in the 1st Cav Division, 5th Regiment, Heavy Mortar Co.? 

Contact: Patrick Sheffler, pat321@cox.net.

[Posted 11/03/06]

1st Cav. Div., 5th Cav Regt., boxing team 1955-57

My father-in-law, Robert Gowan, was on the 1st Cavalry Division, 5th Cavalry Regiment boxing team in 1955-1957. He’s now 73 years old. I’ve been trying to find some photos or even film of him boxing. He says there were always motion picture cameras recording their fights which took place mostly in Yokohama, Japan. In my limited amount of searching so far I can’t even find articles about the 5th Cavalry Regiment Boxing team.

I would love to find some info on this and the real crown jewel prize for me would be to somehow acquire a movie of him in a boxing match or even training.  I think he was a corporal. He thinks the name of his boxing team was the “Knights”.  Can you help me refine my search?

Contact: Dave Roise, dkroise@srt.com.

[Posted 10/08/07]


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