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24th Infantry Division

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52 Field Artillery - James (Jim) Paul Dart

I am searching for anyone who may have served with Jim Dart.  He was my sister-in-law's father.  He and her mother separated when she was very young.  She has very little information about him and has never even seen a photo of him.  I have just been able to obtain the military service records for her father.  He was in the 52nd Field Artillery Battalion and also the 24th Infantry Division.

Jim Dart was from San Francisco.  He was a Private First Class in the Army from 7/30/48 through 5/9/52 and fought in land battles in the Korean War.  He also served in the Army again from 6/29/55 through 8/29/58.  Jim Dart passed away in 1976 and there are no surviving family members other than my sister-in-law.  It would mean so much to her to find someone who served in the Army with her father and who could tell her anything about him.

Contact: Ginny Sanders.  E-mail jacksmom@knology.net.  My telephone number is on file with Lynnita Brown of the Korean War Educator.

[Posted 6/29/08]


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