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30th Ordnance Battalion

Is there a listing of Army units from September 20th to November 26, 1950 that were stationed at that time between Inchon and Seoul? I was there but am unable to remember what unit I was assigned to. When I arrived in Pusan January 1, 1951 I was transferred from the 226 HQHQ Ordinance to the 82nd Ordinance on January 3, 1951. My records were lost in the fire at St. Lois and I’m trying to recreate my records. Can you help me?

On the KWE's Directory and Station List, I find the 30th Ordinance Battalion and the 82HM Ordinance Company that was under the 30th Battalion were in Seoul. That much I know. But were they there between September 20 and November 26?  It doesn’t give dates. I left Seoul in December as a guard on a weapon, etc. train, and arrived in Pusan December 31, 1950. I have pictures of almost everyone who was with the 82nd ordinance after January 3, 1951. As you can tell, I have a lot of information, but need to know the answer to what unit was there between those dates. I know I was, but can’t remember with what unit. A problem I would like to solve.

I remember the company in Yongdong Po that I was with in 1950 consisted of 30 American soldiers and about 100 ROK’s. My job was to drive down to Inchon, take command of any and all tanks being unloaded, prepare them for immediate use and when checked out, convoy them to an area north of Seoul for assignment. On October 20, 1950, I visited a friend of mine with the 187 Airborne RCT just prior to his take off for a jump over Sunchon-Sukchon, NK. I did this at a request of his mother who asked my mother to ask me to do this. I just happened to be at Kimpo when the 187 was there. That is my entire memory of where I was in that time period. I don’t know the name of the company nor remember any of the names of the 30 soldiers. That’s why I’m looking for any units that may have been in that section of Korea in 1950. If I knew that, I might remember the unit I was with.

Contact: Arthur Doherty, ajd2245@comcast.net.


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