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4th Signal Battalion, 10th Corps

I am trying to find anyone I served with in the 4th Signal Battalion (known as the Bell Telephone of North Korea).  The 4th Signal Battalion was assigned to support the 7th Infantry Division and the 1st Marine Division in various signal operations from the Inchon Landing in 1950 through the Hungnam evacuation.

Contact: Joseph Guglich, Viera, FL.  E-mail: vierasilverfox@hotmail.com.

[Posted 5/09/07]

321st Signal Battalion

I am trying to locate Sgt. Robert “Pancho” Garcia. In 1954, Sgt. Garcia was most likely with the 321st Signal Battalion and would normally hang around a place called the "Green Shack" near Kelly Barracks around Stuttgart, Germany. He had friends in the 34th Signal Battalion, which was the unit that was replaced by the 321st Signal, among them Norman Kummer from New York. His 1st Cavalry patch indicates that he had served in Korea or Japan before being stationed in Germany. I believe that Sergeant Garcia was Puerto Rican, however, he was fluent in English (and Spanish) and often spoke of Texas, so he may have been Mexican-American. Sergeant Garcia should be around 80 years old now. If anyone knows Mister Garcia or any members of his family, please tell them to get in touch with me, Tony (The Marine) Santiago, here in “Somos Primos” or by my e-mail NMB2418@aol.com.

[Posted 5/11/08]

440th Signal Aviation (Heavy) Construction Battalion

440th Signal Aviation Construction Battalion looking for former members from 1950 to 1956.  We have a yearly reunion (open to all eras of the battalion), this year in Nashville, TN, October 4-6.  Contact: James L Hendricks lesmagi@jps.net

[Posted 12/21/08]



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