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1st Marine Regiment

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1-2-F Marines, Korea

My name is Gailman Seward.  I was a Marine in the Korean War.  I was in the 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Fox Co., Hill 749 & 884, 60 mm mortar platoon, 3rd squad gunner assigned to the 3rd platoon.  I served with the Fox Co. from the first part of August 1951 to the first part of July 1952.  I was with the 11th Replacement Draft.

I am looking for Lee Hart and these men who served with me at that time.  They were in the same group.  I do not remember most of their first names: Van Thull (not even sure of the correct spelling).  I was told he might be in Wisconsin, but do not know.  There was a Muller and a Shecktor.  I would love to find these guys.  I used to be from California all my life but I met a gal and am living in Iowa.

Any information on them would sure be appreciated.

My home address is Gail Seward, 157 Westview Dr. N., Rockwell, Iowa 50469.
My phone number is 1-641-8232-3152 and our e-mail is fefe@netins.net.

1-3-1 Marines

Here are a few names of the 1-3-1 Marines I am trying to locate:

  • Vincent Andreotti (SN1292803);
  • James R. Hall (SN1078536);
  • Roger E. Haack (SN1307912);
  • Raymond F. Frazer (SN1169421);
  • Raul P. Hernandez (SN1309175); and
  • Charles A. Callegan

Contact: Harvey Harriott at hharriott@sc.rr.com.

Marines - Able Company

Message from Cindy Jernee - My dad would like to hear from Marines he served with in Korea.  He was in Able Company.

His address is:  Huston (Dick) R. Jernee, USMC Ret., A-Co.,
120 Hunter Parkway, Fallon, NV 89406; ph. 702-423-1760.

Marine Ground Controlled Intercept Squadron

I served in MGCIS-1 in 1951-52, Pusan, Kinsan, Cheju-do.  Any information you can direct me to will be greatly appreciated.

Contact:  Frank Hasty at hastyf@bellsouth.net.


My father is getting ready to celebrate his 73rd birthday and he is very active in his branch of the Marine Corps League.  I am putting together a Marine Corps scrapbook for him and thought it would be nice to add, if I could, some e-mails or letters from people from his old unit.  He reported to Korea in 1951 to the 1st Regiment, 1st Battalion (then Baker Company), and Third Squad.  My dad's name is Charles Dix.

Contact: Alison Dix-Marks, alliedix2004@yahoo.com.

[Posted 9/13/05]

Marines who took boot training after returning from Korea

This is to inquire regarding Marines who were in the USMCR and who went to Korea, and then may have been required to undergo Marine recruit training (boot camp) after returning to the U.S. from Korea.  I recall several stories from Marines who were Korean War vets saying that such was the case through the years, but I am unable to recall just who they were or where I read such information.

Contact: R.W. "Dick" Gaines, GnySgt USMC (Ret.), 1952 (Plt #437)--'72, gyg1345@yahoo.com.

[Posted 2/03/06]

11th Marines, Korea 1952-53, Hook Area

If any Marines from the Korean War who were in Korea from June 1952 until July 1953 are reading this, I would like to hear from them.  My husband, Cpl. Robert E. Underwood, was in Korea at that time.  His address was Regt. Hdq. Batt. F/S, 11th Marines, 1st Division FMF.  He arrived in Korea on July 4, 1952 and arrived in San Francisco in June of 1953 on the U.S.N.S. General Meigs troop ship.  I'm trying to locate any Marine who would have served with him or knew him.  He graduated from boot training at San Diego MCRD, going from there for more advanced training at Camp Pendleton.  There he was in C Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Inf. Tr. Reg. TC2 at Camp Pendleton, graduating March 8, 1952.  I would be happy to hear from anyone who would have served with my husband to share memories.  He passed away December 12, 1996 from lung cancer and still is very much loved and missed.

Everett landed at Inchon on July 4, 1952 and was a forward observer the entire time he was in Korea, returning in July of 1953. There was a Ralph C. Scott and I believe he was from West Virginia, also a Robert Vickery, not sure where he was from.  (I have pictures of these and several others.) I know one friend Vance Worster was killed in action on October 21, 1952, on the Hook, I believe. He used to come to our home in Vista, CA when we were there.  That was during their combat training at Camp Pendleton.  I received the following e-mail from "Connie" Blevins:

Lynnita Brown, of the Koreanwar-educator.org asked me to contact you.  I was in the same unit as Vance. In fact, the FO team he was in relieved mine the day before the Hook was overran by Chinese forces. I did know Vance, but not well, as we were on different Teams.

A couple of days after the Hook action, and it was more than just taking the Outpost, the Commanding Officer of the Unit, Lt. Bill Phillips and I went back to the Outpost to see what had to be done to put our observation post back in service. A mortar round fell close, wounding both of us. We were both evacuated to Forward Aid. The Lieutenant died, but I only had minor shrapnel wounds and in a few days I was back in the Unit.

I do have some information on what happened to Vance. I will dig it out and send it if you so desire.

Contact: Marcella Underwood, 308 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745; e-mail maqu33@msn.com.

[Posted 09/17/06]

L-4-11, Korea 1951-52

My father, James R. Owen, served with L (Love) Battery; 4th Battalion; 11th Marines; 155 mm howitzers; 1st Marine Division.  I am trying to put together something special for him. I was hoping to find some of his buddies, pull together some photos and old letters and maybe even put him in contact with some of these men.  I would appreciate any help I could receive from your staff or anyone else you could connect me with.  Here is some other information he sent me.

Area of Combat: Eastern Korea

Time: Jan. 1951- Feb, 1952

Campaigns: Spring offensive- Mar.- April, 1951; Crossed 38th parallel into North Korea until pull-back after U.S. Army units and ROK units' lines broke.  Later Spring offensive- Returned to North Korea to continue offensive.  Set up in the "Punch Bowl" with army artillery to support the offensive. Had to leave and redeploy elsewhere when we lost 3 of our 6 guns by enemy fire.

Peace talks- Began in June 1951, I believe. We were in a static situation from then on. We would fire support missions from one spot. The unit left that spot and went to the Seoul area right after I returned home.

Officers: I remember only two: 1Lt. Coffeen ( not sure of the spelling); 1Lt. Rice. They were outstanding officers. They were always around going from gun to gun when the shells were coming into our area. They were truly inspirational.

Men: Only a few names come to mind: Schemmil (sp); White; Jack Sorlie [FOUND THROUGH THE KWE!]; Frenchie; Welsbacher; Jack Prevett (sp) who won the Silver Star; James Johnson who won the Medal Of Honor at the Chosen Reservoir; Ed O'brien; Sharp; Williams; Samorin; Smitty; Palmer.

Contact: Daniel Owen
Cell: 281-989-6340
danielowen@siemens.com or daniel_owen92@hotmail.com
PO Box 692373
Houston, TX 77269

[Posted 11/13/06] 


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