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I was a radio operator with H&S Company and assigned with Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Regiment during this operation and have forgotten some of the details.  I would appreciate any information you can provide.

Contact: Francis Loder, Tulsa, OK.  E-mail floder@cox.net.

[Posted 3/28/09]


I am trying to find friends or comrades of Robert R. Craven. He was a Marine Sgt. that served at the Chosin Reservoir. I know he was awarded 2 Purple Hearts during that Campaign and that he was in charge of a Machine Gun Post. He passed away this past Friday, 10-12-2007 at the VA Hospital here in KC.

I believe he did attend the last couple of reunions. I think they were in Las Vegas and in Nashville. He showed me a spiral bound book that was put together and published at one of the reunions.  Do you have any register of attendees that could be searched to see what unit he was with? I was just trying to get some of his buddies notified of his passing. I have been able to find out that he served with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. Apparently in G Company.

I am trying to get a picture and an obituary posted here in Kansas City. After service with the Marines he was a policeman in Kansas City, MO and in Los Angeles.  As soon as I can get more I will get it to you.

Inv. Steven Christensen
HAKC Dept. of Public Safety
816-777-2912 -Desk
816-564-2606- Mobile
email: schristensen@hakc.org

Weapons 1-7

I served with Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines from 2 January 1952 to 13 January 1953. I am trying to locate anyone who may have worked on, or knows anyone who may have worked on, the helicopter landing pad built on the side of a mountain (Hill 884?) in the Taebaec mountains of eastern Korea sometime between September 1951 and March 1952 in the Inje area along the Minnesota Line.

I am involved in a research project in conjunction with my volunteer work at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, and I've run into a stone wall.

Contact: Albert F. Ullman, SSGT USMC (Long time out of uniform!), ajullman17@aol.com.

[Posted 8/02/2010]


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