"Fightin’ ‘George’ Light Infantry"

Fightin’ "George" Light Infantry begins with the author’s enlistment, briefly covers basic training and a short tour of duty at Ft. Hood, Texas. Serving at Ft. Hood when the war broke out in Korea, the author was shipped to Japan where he was assigned to "G" Company, 31st Infantry Regiment. There he was trained by Army and Marines for the Inchon Landing.
The book covers Inchon, Suwon, Suwon Air Strip, several hill battles and the linkup with the 7th Cavalry Regiment at Osan. At this point, the NK Army was beaten and for all practical purposes the war in Korea was won. However, it was decided the NK army must be destroyed and all units were sent into North Korea. The 7th ID then made another landing at I’won. Enter the Chinese and war all over again. I’won, the Pujon Reservoir, Chosin Reservoir and the fight to the sea to be picked up by the navy are covered in some detail. From Hamhung the author is airlifted to Japan with both feet frozen severely and pneumonia. After six weeks of healing, he rejoined "George" in Korea to fight in such places as Younju, Chinju, Chechon, Wonju, Hongchon, Hoengson, Pupyong-ni, Yangu and the Hwachon Reservoir. The author was near Kumwa, North Korea when rotated to the States.

Fightin’ George was originally written as memoirs involving nearly 700 pages and took 12 years of remembering, gathering information from other members of the Regiment plus research at the National Archives, Army history museum at Carlisle Barracks, PA and other sources such as the MacArthur archives at Norfolk, VA. According to the author, Glenn Justice, "After being read by my children, grandchildren, and a professor of writing, English, and literature at Florida State University, they insisted a book be written."

The book contains the historical battles, the human element, and is unique in that it covers many strange, almost unbelievable things that happened in war to the Regiment and to the author as an individual. The stories are told with a flair that makes for good reading and understanding for all ages, whether or not they served in the military or for that matter, knew anything about the military. The primary purpose of George was to bring about recognition to as many people as possible, the Korean War, and the life of an infantryman day by day, night by night.

Justice states, "I believe you will enjoy this book. We have sold more copies to children and grandchildren than to the veterans themselves. Like you, I am also interested in the time period from late ’51 through the truce. I was at that time training troops and most of them went to Korea."

Fightin’ "George" book commentaries:
"Word can be spread in no better way about the enlisted men’s fight and living conditions in Korea than by Glenn’s book. It is a continuous building and gripping story. I invite you to read Fightin’ "George Light Infantry, the book. As a history buff, I became infatuated with the Korean War--the so-called "Forgotten War." Beforehand, I had never realized Korea was such an ugly and devastating war. Nor did I fully realize the real heroes of war were the common soldiers." – Karen DeMeester, PdD, Writing, Literature & English, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

"I stood amazed when reading Fightin’ "George". As a Navy veteran of the Korean War, I never in my thoughts imagined you soldiers went through so much there in the hills and mountains of Korea. It is very well described in the minutest detail." – Ed Harrell, Baptist Pastor, Bainbridge, GA

"I have to confess I had to put the book down on occasion as it brought back too many memories and my eyes kind of misted over." – William Chisholm, Portland, OR

"Thank you for writing this book. These are stories that all younger people need to understand as we have been fortunate not to have endured the hardships of war. Thank you and all the "vets" and for your service to our country. The book is very descriptive and so easy to read that one need not have been in the military or combat to understand." – John J. Rivers Jr., Annandale, NJ

"This book, Fightin’ "George" Light Infantry, is the best book I have ever read about America’s soldiers who fought on the frontline. It is so descriptive! One almost feels they are there! I never realized the young soldiers had to go through so much to defend our freedom. When I started reading it was hard to put the book down to do my regular chores and get ready for work. I highly recommend, Fightin’ "George". – Myra Brown, Truck Stop Restaurant Cook, Climax, GA.

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