Fading Away

A Korean War documentary produced by interviewing eyewitnesses of the war. The film provides a unique insight into the personal lives of civilians who were affected by the war.  It includes interviews with civilians, orphans, and former refugees.  The firms producers used footage of battle scenes, photos, archival material, reenactments, and even the perspectives of several female soldiers.

Find more information about it at: http://www.fadingawaymovie.com/fadingaway/index.html.

Korea 1950-1953: Communism Stopped Cold

This 38-minute video was originally put together by Dr. Birney Dibble for his comrades who served with him in Korea in the Third Battalion, Fifth Regiment, First Marine division. All but a few of the pictures were taken by Dibble, and fashioned into a narrative that describes in vivid language and sharp pictures why there was a war in Korea. It shows how the people of Korea lived before the onslaught by the North Koreans and Chinese. It shows the work of the battalion surgeons and corpsmen working alongside the Marines in combat in the mountains of northeastern Korea. It shows the work of the doctors and corpsmen in a forward hospital as they treated wounded Marines.

In some ways it is a personal account of one man’s war, but it is more than that. It gives an overview of war that can be seen only through a doctor’s eyes. There are, in fact, some very graphic pictures of casualties, not for shock effect but to illustrate triage.

There are two different kinds of music in the background. During scenes of military nature the music is martial. During scenes depicting the Korean people, the music is authentic Korean. This video has been used by the school for corpsmen at Camp Pendleton, CA and has received high praise from them.

Order Information:
Cost per video: $20 postpaid, from J. Birney Dibble, M.D., W 4290 Jene Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701 Ph. 715-832-0709; e-mail dibble@discover-net.net. Maryland residents add appropriate sales tax.

Men of Truth and Courage in a Forgotten War: The 17th Infantry Regiment in Korea

The 17th Infantry Regiment has seen continuous active service since it was first formed for the War of 1812. The first battalion of the unit is currently stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington after completing a tour of duty as a Stryker brigade in Iraq.

In 2005, Stuart Namm, a retired New York State County Judge and documentarian, and a member of the 17th Infantry as a Rifle Platoon Leader and Assistant Regimental S-1 in Korea in 1956 and 1957, together with his wife Nancy, as Executive Producer, decided to document on video the courageous history of the 17th Infantry Buffaloes in what some have called "the forgotten war." It encompasses the unit's history from the amphibious landing at Inchon in September 1950 to the Yalu River in November 1950, through the numerous battles that they were engaged in at places like Old Baldy and the Iron Triangle up until the bloody battles of Pork Chop Hill in the spring and summer of 1953 just before the final cease fire.

The story of the 17th in Korea is told through interviews of 50 of its Korean War veterans of every rank in a 3 hour documentary on two DVD's, containing hundreds of photos, documents, maps, newsreel footage and original 8mm film. Three of the interviewees have passed during the two years, often working seven days a week, that it took to complete the project. The entire documentary was shot and edited by the judge, who was interviewer, videographer and creative director of a project which took the Namm's the width and breadth of the United States. The 17th Infantry had six recipients of the Medal of Honor in the Korean War, and some of their stories, like that of Lt. Richard "Dick," Shea, a posthumous recipient, are told by those who witnessed their courage and heroism.

The documentary had its world premiere at the September 2007 reunion of the 17th Infantry Association at New London, Connecticut, where it was received by the members and their families with universal acclaim. You can view a three minute movie trailer, clips of many of the interviews, and stories about the war on the Namm's website at www.legaleagleproductions.com and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/RetJudgeS2.   This is one of the few videos documenting one infantry unit's history in that bloody war; and it is entitled: Men of Truth and Courage in a "forgotten war;" The 17th Infantry Regiment in Korea. You don't have to have been a member of the 17th Infantry to appreciate the courage and heroism of these men, and what they encountered like so many others in one of America's bloodiest wars. The Namm's have produced a limited number of these, so please get your orders in early to ensure that there will be one waiting for you for you and your family to treasure.

Order Information:
The documentary has been reproduced in a two disk DVD set, and is being sold for $33.95, which amount includes $4.00 postage and handling, and $5.00 to the Col. William "Buffalo Bill" Quinn Scholarship Fund. You can obtain one or more copies by sending a check or money order in that amount for each set, payable to Stuart or Nancy Namm at 101 Marshview Road, Hampstead, NC 28443; or by credit card on the Internet at PayPal payable to RetJudgeS1@aol.com.

Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America's POWs


Winner of Best Documentary at the Fort Myers Beach Film Fest, "Missing, Presumed Dead" chronicles Bill Dumas's fifty year search for his brother Roger Dumas who was captured by the North Koreans during the war. Although officially listed as MIA by the U.S. Government, the film documents through eyewitness accounts, how many believe Roger Dumas to still be alive.

The film was distributed to members of Congress and their staff to aid the passage of House Resolution Bill, HRes 123, that will create a select committee to investigate all unresolved matters relating to any United States personnel unaccounted for from the Vietnam Era, the Korean War, World War II, the Cold War Mission, or Gulf Wars, including MIAs and POWs.

Narrated by Ed Asner, the film contains candid interviews with Congressman Bob Dornan, Senator Bob Smith and many former Korean War veterans.  Included in the DVD are additional footage, photo gallery, director's statement and teacher resources.

Order Information:

This DVD is being sold through Bill Dumas Productions for $19.95 on the website www.MissingPresumedDead.com.

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