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In spite of the slim amount of money available for supplies, monthly internet connection fee for Lynnita's computer, and site improvements and additions, the KWE's presence on the internet is assured as long as the annual hosting fee is paid.  Consequently, on October 15, 2005, the KWE opened a second savings account at the 1st Mid-Illinois State Bank, 410 South Main Street, Tuscola, Illinois, to hold restricted funds sent by donors who wish to support the KWE with a year's worth of web hosting fees ($107.40).  (The other savings accounts are the KWE's Endowment Fund and Legal Defense Fund.)  Only the annual hosting fee will be withdrawn from the Web Hosting account.

In January of 2008, the Web Hosting Fund was transferred almost in its entirety into a Certificate of Deposit with a beginning value of $1,300.00.  This was done because the savings account only netted .25 percent interest.  In contrast, the six-month CD has an interest rate of 4.40 percent.  The small total of $108.61 was left in the Web Hosting savings account to make sure there is money to pay the next hosting bill (2009) without early withdrawal of funds from the CD.

As long as hosting fees are available in this reserve fund, the continued presence of the Korean War Educator on the World Wide Web will be assured.  The website will note that during a particular year, the KWE is online because of the generosity and support of the individual donor or organization that paid that year's hosting fee.

KWE visitors are encouraged to help keep this wonderful educational resource online by choosing to donate enough money to pay for a year's KWE presence on the world wide web.  Your tax-deductible gift will be held in the Web Hosting Account until the year of your sponsorship.  Send your donation to: KWE, c/o Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953; ph. 217-253-4620 or 217-253-5171. Be sure to tell us who you are honoring with this special gift.

Year Sponsor
2006-2007 Ray Vallowe, Belleville, IL

Donation by Ray Vallowe, Army veteran of Chosin Reservoir.  His memoirs are on the Chosin Reservoir page of the KWE.

2007-2008 Gene Dixon, Traverse City, MI

Donated by Gene Dixon, USMC veteran of Chosin Reservoir.  His memoirs can be found on the KWE's Memoirs pages.

2008-2009 S/Sgt. Chris Sarno, Medford, MA

Donated by Chris Sarno, USMC tanks, 2 tours of duty in Korea.  His memoirs can be found on the KWE's Memoirs pages.

2009-2010 David Williams, Stockton, CA

David is an Army veteran of the Pusan Perimeter & Beyond

2010-2011 In honor of USMC veteran Dale H. Brown (C-1-7, Korea '51-'52) - "Semper Fi, Buddy"

A gift from Dale's boot camp buddy.

2011-2012 In memory of Lt. Frank L. Roach (Psychiatrist, Easy Med, Korea 1952-53). (See Memorial Gifts.)

Dr. Frank Folk gave a website hosting gift of $100.00 in April of 2006 in memory of Dr. Roach.  What a special way to recognize the service of Dr. Roach, who cared so deeply for "his boys" in Korea.

2012-2013 S/Sgt. Chris Sarno, Medford, MA

Donation by Chris Sarno.  Chris served in USMC tanks and did two tours of duty in Korea.  His memoir is on the Korean War Educator's Memoirs pages.

2013-2014 In memory of the fallen.

Donation by Lynn Hahn, 148th Graves Registration, Korea 1952-53.  His memoir is on the Korean War Educator's Memoirs pages.

2014-2015 In memory of James Thomas (KIA) and Joe "J.R." Duran (WIA) in the Pusan Perimeter, 07/14/50.

These two men were fellow soldiers who served with James Bolt of Laurens, South Carolina in the Pusan Perimeter in 1950.  James Thomas did not survive his ordeal.  J.R. Duran was severely wounded, but he survived Korea.

2015-2016 In memory of the innocent children of Korea whose lives were forever altered by the Korean War.

Donation from the Whatcom Community Foundation, Bellingham, Washington

2016-2017 In memory of all Korean War veterans from the Great State of Washington

Donation from the Whatcom Community Foundation, Bellingham, Washington

2017-2018 In memory of Technical Sergeant Donald Joseph Lupo, Serial No. 387803, United States Marine Corps, Detroit, MI, born February 14, 1921. He died of wounds on February 25, 1953 while serving as an Anti-Tank Assault Infantry Unit Leader with Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines.

Donation by Gerald Merna in Don's memory.

2018-2019 In honor of Ted and Shirley Heckleman of Bellingham, Washington, both of whom served their country during the Korean War--he in the USMC as a member of the Chosin Few in Korea and she in the US Air Force.

Donation from the Whatcom Community Foundation, Bellingham, Washington

2019-2020 In memory of the victims of 9/11 - a permanent reminder to Americans that freedom is as precious as life itself, and just as easily taken from us if it is not protected.

Donation on 9/11/07 from the Whatcom Community Foundation, Bellingham, Washington

2020-2021 In honor of Victor F. Cada, Brookfield, Illinois

Mr. Cada served as a pilot with the 100th and 390th Bomb Squadron during World War II.  He was also a pilot with the 437th Troop Carrier Wing during the Korean War.  Donation made by the Cada family of Bloomington, IL

2021-2022 In memory of the veterans of the 712th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion who served during the Korean War.

Donation made by the 712th TROB

2022-2023 In memory of the veterans of the Casualty Section, Adjutant General's Office, Headquarters, 45th Infantry Division, with this message from the donor:

"I was assigned to the Casualty Section, Adjutant General Office, Headquarters, 45th Infantry Division. This was a small portion of the AG Office (three to five men). We were responsible for reporting all losses to the division of approximately 18,000 men. This included Casualty Reports, letters to families, inquires of the status of certain men, etc. The division had over 800 KIA's and numerous other types of losses. The section while training in Japan developed a casualty feeder report (prepared by the medic) that was later adopted by the Far East Command. I was assigned from mid February 1952 to mid March 1953.

Using the feeder report we were able to determine the number of casualties to expect from a combat action. The report was designed to transmit the information over the radio using a combination letters and numbers. Our reporting system made our reports to 8th Army in a matter of hours, not days.

I am proud to report that we had a perfect record while I was there. When I left the division I was the NCOIC of the section and was presented a Bronze Star for meritorious service.  It was a job and I still have thoughts that makes me sad. I have not talked to any other who had the same job in another unit. We were some of the unsung vets." - Maurice R. "Dick" Wainwright, Arizona

2023-2024 In memory of all who served in Korea.

Donation made by SgtMaj Jack W. Jaunal (USMC Ret.), veteran of three wars: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.  His memoirs can be found on the KWE's Memoirs pages.

2024-2025 In memory of all who served in Korea.

Donation made by SgtMaj Jack W. Jaunal (USMC Ret.).

2025-2026 In memory of all who served in Korea.

Donation made by SgtMaj Jack W. Jaunal (USMC Ret.).

2026-2027 In memory of all who served in Korea.

Donation made by SgtMaj Jack W. Jaunal (USMC Ret.).

2027-2028 In memory of Joseph N. "Joe" Roberts, Wilbraham, MA.  1st Plt., "C" Co., 17th Inf. Rgt., 7th Inf. Div., (Army) Korea 1952-53; Heartbreak, Pork Chop, Erie & Arsenal Outpost, Jane Russell.  Joe's memoirs can be found on the KWE's Memoirs pages.

Donations made in his honor by: Donald & Jean Maynard of Massachusetts; The Ladue Family of Massachusetts; Mary & Andrew Snoddy of New Jersey; and Timothy Rymasz of Massachusetts.

2028-2029 In memory of all who served in Korea.

Donation made by SgtMaj Jack W. Jaunal (USMC Ret.) in 2010.

2029-2030 In memory of all Dog Company Seventh Marines who served in Korea.

Donation made in their memory by fellow Dog Seven veteran, Fred Frankville of Illinois.

2030-2031 In memory of all the Americans who fought for the liberty of South Korea during the Korean War.

Donation made by LeeSang Don, a university law professor in Seoul, Korea.

2031-2032 In memory of every American serviceman and woman who spent Christmas and other holidays thousands of miles from home in far-away Korea.

Donation made by Bill D. Saxon, Artillery Forward Observer in Korea 1952.

2032-2033 In memory of the Korean War radio operators who served in the 51st & 4th Signal Battalions.

Donation by SgtMaj Jack W. Jaunal (USMC Ret.).  Jack, also an Army veteran, served in both of these signal battalions during the Korean War.

2033-2034 In memory of Wesley Janca

Donation by Barbara Rose, Florida, Wesley's daughter.

2034-2035 In memory of the brave men of Love Company

Donation by Clifford Prest, BAR man, Love Company, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, Korea 1951-52.

2035-2036 In memory of the men of Task Force MacLean and Task Force Faith who fought so valiantly in Korea.

Donation by Ray C. Vallowe of Illinois, an Army survivor of the Chosin.

2036-2037 In memory of John Frank Kronenberger, 16-month Army veteran of the Korean War

Donation by Sheila Kronenberger, John's wife.

2037-2038 In recognition of the United States Marine Corps' 242nd birthday on November 10, 2017

Donation by Jerome S. Bonkowski of Illinois, 1st Sgt., USMC (Ret.)

2038-2039 In honor of Charles Scott, former professor at Glenville College & Korean War veteran

Donation by John B. Gillespie of New Hampshire with this message: "I had Charles Scott as a professor at Glenville College.  I recently read his memoirs about his time in Korea during the Korean War.  I followed the Korean War as a child in Grit and Charles Scott made it come to life for me.  Please accept this donation on his behalf."



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