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Annual membership dues help defray the general operating expenses of the Korean War Educator. We appreciate your gift and thoughtful support.

Due to budget constraints, renewal notices are not sent to members.  New members are always welcome, but we also like to keep our old friends.  Send your dues to: Korean War Educator, c/o Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953.

Member's Name (in order of joining)


Frank Imparato, Pennsylvania (Military Advisory Group veteran, Korean War) 1/01/16
Robert Makala, Minnesota (Retired chief of police of Circle Pines, MN) 2/01/15
Richard Cardinali, California (Richard is a retired Army LTC who was stationed at Osan with the 38th Brigade.  He is also a retired university professor.) 2/29/17
Jim Crompton, New Jersey (3-year membership plus Paypal charges; "H" Battery, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines, '51, '52. Jim was the Battery Wireman and the Wireman on the FO Team for the battery.) 7/05/2015
Gene Steele, Ohio (2-year membership plus $5.00.) Gene wrote the KWE: "Found your site by chance.  I was in Korea 66, 67, 68; 7/17 Arty 2nd Div.  I was supposed to leave the day the North Koreans stole that damn Pueblo boat.  Needless to say I didn't leave til much later.  It's a nice thing you are doing.  Thanks, Gene." 3/07/2015
Jim Volpone, Arizona (5-year membership) 7/06/2018
William Price, Alabama (USAF Silver Star recipient for action against the enemy as an Aero-Medical Specialist, Detachment 1, Third Air Rescue Squadron, Korea 1951) 1/28/16
Col. William Mol, Texas (Two-year membership and $5.00 extra donation.  See his memoir on the KWE.) 4/25/16
James P. Wilson, Tennessee (Two-year membership - James served in Korea from May 1995 through May 1996.)
Robert Tate, Indiana 10/07/2018
Tina Johnson, Florida 2/02/2017
Gang Lu, Ontario, Canada 2//02/2018
Keith Hansen, New Jersey 4/15/2016
Jane G. Dalton, Virginia [Jane's father served in the USAF for 23 years.  Jane was born in Japan just before dependents were evacuated from Japan during the Korean War.] 8/12/2021
Wallace Stewart, California 11/08/2018

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