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Uchima, CPL Ansho (25ID)

Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division
General Orders No. 231 - 18 October 1950

Corporal Ansho Uchima, RA19246492, 25th Counter-Intelligence Corps Detachment, United States Army.  As a special agent of the Counter-Intelligence Corps Detachment from 10 July to 10 October 1950, Corporal Uchima rendered outstanding service during the Korean conflict through his professional skill, alertness, and initiative an extensive enemy espionage system was disclosed near Masan, Korea and all agents were apprehended.  These arrests led to the further discovery of hostile political organizers plotting to overthrow the government of the city.  Corporal Uchima's courageous devotion to duty reflect great credit upon himself and the Counter-Intelligence Corps.  Entered the military service from California.

Uchiyama, SGT Thomas T. (25ID)

Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division
General Orders No. 240 - 22 October 1950

Sergeant Thomas T. Uchiyama, RA19063421, Quartermaster Corps, 25th Quartermaster Company, United States Army.  As truck platoon sergeant from 25 September to 8 October 1950 during the Korean conflict, Sergeant Uchiyama served with distinction.  During the rapid advance of the leading elements of the Division it was necessary for all supplies to be sent forward from the railhead by motor transport, a distance over 150 miles.  By maintaining a maximum number of vehicles operating over this route despite the constant threat of enemy action and mechanical failure, Sergeant Uchiyama materially assisted in accomplishing the mission of his unit.  Sergeant Uchiyama's technical knowledge and initiative reflect great credit upon himself and his organization.  Entered the military service from Illinois.

Uffleman, 1LT Paul R. (USMC)

Uliana, SFC Donald J. (3rd ID)

Underhill, CPL Charles W. (65th Inf., 3rd ID)

Underwood, PFC Billy G. (3000ID)

Upchurch, PFC William H. (3ID)

Urdaneta, 1LT Mario (65th Inf., 3rd ID) (2 awards)

Utter, CPL Ivan E. (Army Medical Service)

Headquarters, Department of the Army
General Orders No. 49 - 13 September 1957

Corporal Ivan E. Utter, Army Medical Service, United States Army, distinguished himself by heroism near Tumyong-Dong, Korea, on 24 December 1952. After a heavy enemy bombardment during the night by artillery, mortar, and rocket, many bunkers were collapsed. While evacuating wounded, Corporal Utter discovered a soldier pinned under the wreckage of a bunker. Finding no other means of entry, Corporal Utter went to the front aperture, fully exposed to enemy observation, removed the wounded man and carried him to safety across terrain open to enemy fire. Corporal Utter continued to aid wounded in exposed areas, inspiring his comrades to tenaciously hold the hill in spite of intense fire. His bravery and devotion to duty are in the highest traditions of the military service.

Uzeta, SGT Peter (65th Inf., 3rd ID)



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