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Yamashiro, LT Isao (3rd ID)

Yancey, PFC Ellis Jr. (Med. Co., 35th Inf. Rgt, 25ID) (MIA)

Yancey, PFC Jack W. (3rd ID)

Yancey, LT COL Thomas R. (3ID) (1st Oak Leaf Cluster)

Yates, SGT Francis H.L. (65th Inf., 3rd ID)

Yates, MSGT John V. (24th ID)

General Orders No. 125 - 11 April 1952
Headquarters 24th Infantry Division

By direction of the President, the Bronze Star Medal with Letter "V" device for heroic achievement is awarded to Master Sergeant John V. Yates, US-52080792, Infantry, United States Army, Company K, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, for heroic action [near Kumsong] Korea on 14 November 1951. Serving as a platoon leader, he led two squads into enemy territory with the mission of capturing prisoners. As the friendly troops reached the base of a hill, they were subjected to an intense concentration of enemy small arms fire. The foe closed in to the rear of the unit and in the ensuing conflict, the riflemen captured two prisoners and were then ordered to withdraw. Realizing that the safe withdrawal of his men depended on a strong rear guard action, Sergeant Yates voluntarily remained behind and singlehandedly held off an estimated platoon of enemy troops with deadly carbine fire. Only when the squads had completed their withdrawal and had reorganized did he leave his dangerous position to rejoin them. His fearless leadership was directly responsible for the successful accomplishment of the mission. Sergeant Yates’ heroic action and selfless devotion to duty reflect great credit on himself and the United States Infantry. Entered service from Owensboro, Kentucky.

Yeager, 1LT John J. (65th Inf., 3rd ID)

Yeater, SGT Russell J. (65th Inf., 3rd ID)

Yoneoka, PFC Robert M. (25ID)

Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division
General Orders No. 197 - 26 September 1950

Private First Class Robert M. Yoneoka, RA10103553, Infantry, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, United States Army. Shortly after midnight on 1 September 1950 near Kanan, Korea a large force of enemy attacked the outpost which Private First Class Yoneoka and his squad were manning. Although subjected to intense fire from three sides and from ranges as close as 75 yards, Private First Class Yoneoka continued for 3 1/2 hours to fight off the hostile force. He succeeded in destroying one mortar and machine gun and the crews of both weapons. As the squad withdrew in the face of the great force, Private First Class Yoneoka continued the fight until he was wounded. Private First Class Yoneoka's heroic tenacity in combat is in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States soldier. Entered the military service from Territory of Hawaii.

York, 2LT John S. (25ID)

Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division
General Orders N. 197 - 26 September 1950

Second Lieutenant (then Sergeant First Class RA15041439) John S. York, O221201, Infantry, Company B, 27th Infantry, United States Army. On 24 July 1950 near Sangyong-ni, Korea when the command post of Company B received a direct hit from an enemy mortar, Lieutenant York suffered a painful neck wound. Declining evacuation he received first aid and returned to his platoon which was receiving concerted hostile fire from the right flank. Needless of the heavy fire, he deployed to the right flank of the platoon a squad which bore the brunt of an enemy diversionary attack and secured the flank, enabling the remainder of the company to repulse a tank attack on the forward positions of the company sector. The conspicuous courage, tactical skill and selfless devotion to duty displayed by Lieutenant York are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army. Entered the military service from Tennessee.

Youmans, SFC Esmond A. (3ID)

Young, SGT Avon G. (2ID)

Headquarters, 2nd Infantry Division
General Orders No. 76 - 9 April 1951

The Bronze Star Medal with V Device is awarded to Sergeant Avon G. Young, RA37753673, Infantry, United States Army, a member of Heavy Mortar Company, 23d Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division, who distinguished himself by heroic achievement on 31 August 1950 in the vicinity of Changnyong, Korea. On that date he was a forward observer attached to a rifle company to direct supporting mortar fire. Numerically superior enemy forces had broken through friendly positions and were advancing rapidly. Under intense enemy mortar and small arms fire, Sergeant Young remained at his post, calling for and directing extremely accurate mortar fire. His courageous action contributed materially in delaying the enemy attack long enough for the supported rifle elements to effect an orderly withdrawal. Only after his communication lines had been severed by hostile fire and his positions was threatened by encirclement did he withdraw to the safety of friendly lines. The heroism displayed by Sergeant Young reflects great credit upon himself and the military service. Entered the military service from Nebraska. Home of record: Abilene, Kansas.

[Sergeant Young was a veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.  He was known as “Pappy.”]

Young, SGT Clovis W. (65th Inf., 3rd ID)

Young, SFC Clyde E. (3rd ID)

Young, SFC Henry E. (24ID, Co. A, 3d Eng Combat Bn.)

Young, MSGT James

Headquarters, 24th Infantry Division
General Orders No. 127 - September 08, 1950

The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" to Master Sergeant James Young (ASN: 13032477), United States Army, for heroic service in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States, as a member of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3d Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division. When an enemy attack in the vicinity of Tossil-ri, Korea, on 14 August 1950, resulted in a large number of casualties, Master Sergeant Young organized litter teams and led them across open terrain through heavy fire to the forward positions. He remained in the advance positions during the intense fire fight and personally supervised the evacuation of seventeen men, returning to the battalion Command Post only when all wounded had been cared for. Master Sergeant Young's courage and unflagging devotion to his comrades are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army. (Letter "V" device is authorized for wear with medal or ribbon.)

Younkin, CPL Kenneth S. (2ID)

Headquarters, 2d Infantry Division
General Orders No. 410 - 8 August 1951

Corporal Kenneth S. Younkin, ER17178749, Infantry, Army of the United States, a member of Company G, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division, distinguished himself by heroic achievement on 4 March 1951 in the vicinity of Yongnang-ni, Korea.  On this day Company G was advancing along a ridgeline when it was halted by overwhelming hordes of enemy.  Due to a heavy concentration of enemy fire power, the company was forced to make a strategic withdrawal.  One platoon moved out in the attack.  As the attack progressed, a squad leader was seriously wounded.  Corporal Younkin, assistant squad leader, exposed himself to enemy automatic weapons and small arms fire to assist the wounded man to safety.  He then returned to lead his squad and encourage them in an assault upon the enemy emplacements.  He spearheaded the attack and continued to advance until he was lightly wounded by grenade shrapnel.  While returning to the company he still accounted for several enemy casualties.  His ability to act quickly and take the initiative in an emergency was greatly responsible for breaking the enemy resistance.  Corporal Younkin's outstanding performance of duty reflects great credit upon himself and the military service.  Entered the military service from Illinois.

Yount, PFC William H. (2nd ID) (Co. K, 23d Inf. Regt.)



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