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Korean War Merchant Marine Casualties

This casualty page of the Korean War Educator was made possible by researcher Dan J. Cashin of Havertown, Pennsylvania.  He shared the following list, adding this comment: 

"As a tangent to a study of the merchant marines lost in Vietnam, I found a good number who had perished in the Korean War.  Your great website has some of them, but here are a few more with a little of their life stories.  The true number is likely larger.  Trips to and from Korea at this time were clouded in military secrecy.  Hope you find it interesting this Memorial Day 2021."

Name Age MOS Hometown Ship Casualty Date Reason Location Next of Kin
Andersen, Aage Egholm 32 Chief Mate New Orleans, LA Tillie Lykes 02/29/1952 Fall Pusan Wife
Antonoff, Anthony J. 27 2nd Ref. Eng'r Youngstown, OH Fleetwood 02/26/1952 Gas accident Pusan Mother
Blakely, George W. 51 3rd Eng'r Philadelphia, PA George L. Duval 07/20/1953 Heart attack Pusan Wife
Booker, Harold W. 24 AB Baltimore, MD Cape Comfort 07/07/1952 Heart attack at sea to Pusan Mother
Brake, James W. 29 Seaman Washington, DC Tainaron 12/20/1950 Poison Hungnam Mother
Broadway, Keith O. 34 Seaman Sumter, SC Tainaron 12/23/1950 Poison Hungnam Wife
Budzinski, Stanley 36 Utility Messman San Francisco, CA Ampac Idaho 11/13/1953 Fall Pusan Sister
Cage, Vincent Row 57 Ship's Officer Mississippi Gen. D.E. Aultman? 08/30/1953 Heart attack   Sister
Cliotes, Socrates J. 45 Oiler Turkey Fleetwood 02/26/1952 Gas accident Pusan Cousin
Deal, Clyde C. 44 Seaman Seattle, WA American 05/22/1952 Heart attack Pusan Mother
Deible, Charles E. 49 AB Kokomo, IN Mankato Victory 08/16/1951 Unknown Pusan Sister
Downey, James Patrick 44 Chief Cook Sommerville, MA Heywood Broun 09/11/1952 Stroke Inchon Wife
Goldstein, Max D. 49 Seaman New Orleans, LA Oceanstar 09/29/1953 Natural causes Kumsan Mother
Goomey, Leslie F. ? Ass't Electrician ? Waltham Victory 01/01/1952 Missing Pusan Mother
Hampton, Leo ? Fireman ? Joseph Fenner 11/08/1953 Heart attack Inchon ?
Hansen, Amund 47 2nd Asst. Eng'r Portland, OR Cecil N. Bean 07/06/1954 Heart attack Outbound Pusan Wife
High, Lewis W. 23 Seaman Crichton, AL Citrus Packer 10/05/1950 Sniper Inchon Wife
Jacobs, Frank C. 47 Seaman Baltimore, MD Gretna Victory 03/18/1952 Illness Pusan Wife
Leonard, DeWitt Clinton 31 Seaman Friendsville, MD Alma Victory 11/12/1951 Unknown At sea to Pusan Wife
Lesperance, Joseph M. 58 Electrician Marietta, GA Arizpa 01/30/1952 Heart attack Inchon Wife
Lewis, Karl H. 55 3rd Asst. Eng'r Chickasaw, AL City of Alma 03/11/1953 Heart attack Inchon Wife
Mattson, Brynoff 61 Carpenter NYC Hannibal Victory 09/09/1951 Collapsed Pusan Daughter
Meyer, James Peter 62 2nd Mate San Pedro, CA Noonday 12/15/1951 Heart attack Inchon Wife
Miller, George W. 27 Seaman Fulton, MO Citrus Packer 10/05/1950 Sniper Inchon Mother
Moles, Rufino 62 Utilityman San Francisco, CA ? USNS Petaluma 10/14/1953 Heart attack ? ?
Morales, Alfred J. 39 Chief Eng'r San Francisco, CA Fleetwood 02/26/1952 Gas accident Pusan Wife
Nordee, Albert 53 Fireman Long Beach, CA Nevadan 09/27/1953 Illness Pusan Wife
Nufable, Espiridion M. ? ? Hoila City, Philippines US Army 11/22/1953 ? Korea Father
Palmer, John Jr. 20 Seaman San Francisco, CA Rutgers Victory 03//06/1951 Illness Pusan Wife
Perry, William F. 56 Oiler San Francisco, CA USNS Cedar Creek 05/27/1953 Heart attack Pusan Daughter
Porpora, Silvestro E.U. ? Seaman New York City, NY USNS Mission San Gabriel 03/23/1953 Fall Inchon Mother
Puig, Joseph R. 35 Wiper Tampa, FL Harold T. Andrius? 12/12/1954 Illness Pusan Mother
Rowland, Robert F. 33 3rd Asst. Eng'r Honolulu, HI Mission San Fernando 09/30/1954 Overboard Pusan Mother
Spencer, Harvey J. ? Seaman Richmond, CA Oceanic 09/03/1953 Illness Inchon Sister
Stephenson, George W. 34 Deck Maint. Evansville, IN Choctaw 10/03/1952 Lost overboard At sea to Pusan Mother
Strachan, Alexander 54 Seaman Scotland Bessemer Victory 03/19/1952 Illness At sea to Pusan Sister
Tennent, Joseph T. 56 Seaman ? Tainaron 12/20/1950 Poison Hungnam ?
Thomas, Lemuel A. 37 Seaman Glendale, CA Tainaron 12/20/1950 Poison Hungnam Mother
Thompson, William F. 42 Seaman Ocala, FL Arizpa 10/01/1951 Overboard At sea Mother
Thurston, Charles O. 68 Chief Electrician Seattle, WA MV Shooting Star 12/25/1954 Heart attack At sea to Pusan Wife
Tivao, Tavita ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Weber, Robert L. 28 Ships Agent Touchet, WA C.F. Sharp & Co. 11/17/1951 Accident Pusan Brother
Wilkerson, William R. 23 Bosun Ashville, NC South Bend Victory 09/29/1951 Drowned Kohsicha Island Father

Biographies of the Fallen

[KWE Note: To add information about Korean War merchant marine casualties, contact Lynnita@thekwe.org.]

Antonoff, Anthony Joseph

Anthony was born May 20, 1925 in Youngstown, Ohio, son of Anton Antonoff (1897-1978) and Theresa E. Haus Antonoff (1906-1967).  His siblings were Rita Antonoff (1926-1927) and Mary Jane Antonoff (1930-1934).  Anthony is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Youngstown.

Brake, James W. "Jimmy"

Jimmy was born on May 4, 1921 in Lewis County, West Virginia, a son of Percy Goff Brake (1888-1926) and Gladys Mabel Trusler Brake (1894-1990).  His sister was Mrs. Alwyn Alvord (Alice Brake Woods) Throckmorton (1823-2000).  His half-brother was John Brake (1920-1985).  Jimmy is buried in the Negishi Foreign Cemetery, Yokohama, Japan.

Broadway, Keith Owen

Keith was born May 03, 1916 in Clarendon County, South Carolina.  He is buried in Home Branch Baptist Church, Manning, South Carolina.

Craig, Vincent Row

Vincent was born May 06, 1895 in Woodville, Mississippi, son of William Clinton Cage (1840-1914) and Jennie Row Cage.  His siblings were Charles Clinton Cage (1878-1968), James Duncan Cage (1880-1953) and Fannie Cage (Mrs. Mack R.) Huston (1885-1964).  Vincent is buried in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.

Goldstein, Max David

Max was born July 2, 1904, son of Isaac Goldstein and Jennie Greenberg Goldstein (1871-1959).  He is buried in Ahavas Sholem Cemetery, Orleans Parish, Louisiana.. 

Leonard, DeWitt Clinton Jr.

DeWitt Leonard Jr. was born November 28, 1920, a son of DeWitt Clinton Leonard Sr. (1889-1973) and Nana Ellis Williamson Leonard (1893-1985).  His siblings were Paul Reese Leonard (1915-1996), Clarence Ellis Leonard (1923-1956), Margaret L. Leonard (1925-1927) and Marguerite Nana Leonard (1927-2014).  His gravestone is located in Mount Holly Cemetery, Mount Holly, North Carolina.

Perry, William Joseph

William was born January 15, 1897 in San Francisco, California, the son of Louis Perry.  He died  in the ship's hospital after being found semi-conscious on the deck of the main engine room.  He was survived by his daughter, Jacqueline Perry of San Francisco.  William is buried in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma, California.

Porpora, Silvestro

Silvestro was born in 1922.  He is buried in Old St. Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx, New York.  Also listed on his tombstone are: Francesco, Anthony, Carmine, Margaret, and Rosaria.

Puig, Joseph R.

Joseph was born on February 16, 1919 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Tampa, Florida.

Stephenson, George W.

George was born in 1918.  He was lost at sea 34 degrees 47 1/2'N 133 degrees 26'E.

Thurston, Charles Oliver

Funeral services for Charles Thurston, 68, will be held Wednesday in the West Home Chapel with burial in Forest Lawn. Mr. Thurston died December 25 aboard the Navy transport Shooting Star, on which he was the chief electricians mate. The ship was on a trip to Alaska, will return here Tuesday. Born in Newfoundland, NJ, Mr. Thurston came to Seattle 25 years ago. He was a member of the Marine Fireman's Union. Surviving are his wife Myrtle and a son Richard, both of Seattle; a brother Fred Thurston in Arizona; a sister Mrs. Gladys Doremus, Tampa, Florida; and two grandchildren. [Source: Seattle Times, January 16, 1955]  Charles was born May 20, 1886 in Newfoundland, New Jersey.  He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Seattle, Washington

[Source: Findagrave]


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