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Ashley Five  - What Happened to Them?

The "Ashley Five" refers to five members of the B-29 aircraft crew of 30-year old Lt. Gilbert Lamour Ashley.  Their aircraft, #42-65357 ("Shady Lady"/"Double or Nuthin'") was shot down by Russian MiGs 10-12 miles south of Pyongyang (18 miles east of Sariwon) on January 27, 1953.

The crew:

  • Ashley, 1Lt. Gilbert Lamour - aircraft commander, POW - "Ashley Five"/"71 List"
  • O'Meara, A2/C James Joseph - first mission as ECM operator, POW  - "71 List"
  • Turner, 1Lt. Harold Peter - POW - "Ashley Five"/"71 List"
  • Shaddick, 2Lt. John Philip - POW - "Ashley Five"/"71 List"
  • Olsen, 1Lt. Arthur Robert - POW - "Ashley Five"/"71 List"
  • Ishida, A2/C Hidemaro Saito - POW - "Ashley Five"/"71 List"
  • Henry, 1Lt. Dewey Rosenhall - POW/"71 List"
  • Schwab, A2/C Edward Anthony - POW/"71 List"
  • Pope, A2/C James Dean - POW/"71 List"
  • Stevenson, A2/C Frank James - POW/"71 List"
  • Weinbrandt, A2/C Robert L. - POW, repatriated during Little Switch
  • Abrahamson, A2/C Gerald D. - POW, repatriated during Big Switch
  • Miller, SSgt. Lee H. - POW, repatriated during Big Switch
  • Stopa, 2Lt. Dewey - died on March 3, 1953 in a POW camp

Some of the crew members were eventually repatriated.  Five of them were interrogated by Soviets.  There was a search and recovery attempt to rescue the "Ashley Five", but it failed.  The five were:

  • 1Lt. Gilbert Ashley
  • 1Lt. Harold Turner
  • 2Lt. John Shaddick
  • 1Lt. Arthur Olsen
  • A2/c. Hidemaro Ishida

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