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On this page of the Korean War Educator, our visitors can read veterans' non-political complaints about a wide range of issues that have personally affected our nation's veterans and their families. While the KWE has already established a page about VA claims that includes "horror stories" about the difficulties associated with filing for compensation claims, this page is a sounding board to express comments about other issues that have impacted the lives of our veterans.

To do your own "sounding off", send your comments to  Please note that your complaint must be of a non-political nature, and that you must state in your complaint in what manner a veteran or a member of his or her family has been or will be affected by the issue within the complaint. The KWE reserves the right to refuse to post materials that contain vulgar language, denigrate or personally attack other veterans, or contain outright false information.


Budget Cutbacks Affect the Haddens -

My youngest son, a Marine sergeant, is buried in the National Cemetery at Port Hudson, Louisiana. My older son, also a Marine, plans to be buried there also, as do I and my wife. Last Friday our daughter-in-law died in Slidell, Louisiana, and her burial will take place on Monday, October 3 at the Port Hudson National Cemetery. My son was told by the cemetery management that "no burials are allowed on weekends because of budget cutbacks on overtime for the employees."

We are thus in the dilemma of many family members and friends unable to pay their respects to our loved one --- simply because our government decided to save money by creating a severe and painful hardship on veterans and their loved ones! Those relatives and friends cannot be there on Monday, October 3 because of family job and school requirements.

[Posted by Stan Hadden on September 28, 2005]



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