United Nations Involvement


Participating Nations/Their Contributions to the Korean War Efforts - In Brief


Australia: Two infantry battalions, naval forces, one fighter squadron

            Peak strength - 2,282


Belgium:  One infantry battalion

            Peak strength - 944


Canada: Reinforced infantry brigade (division); naval forces, one squadron of transport aircraft

            Peak strength - 6,146


Columbia: One infantry battalion, one naval frigate

            Peak strength - 1,068


Denmark: Medical services


Ethiopia: One infantry battalion

            Peak strength - 1,271


France: One reinforced infantry battalion

            Peak strength - 1,119


Great Britain: Two infantry brigades (divisions); one armored regiment; three artillery and combat engineer regiments; the British Far Eastern Fleet, two Sunderland air squadrons

            Peak strength - 14,198


Greece: One infantry battalion, transport aircraft

            Peak strength - 1,263


Holland (Netherlands): One infantry battalion, naval forces

            Peak strength - 819


India: Medical services


Italy: Medical services


Luxembourg: One infantry company


New Zealand: One artillery regiment

            Peak strength - 1,389


Norway: Medical services


Philippines: One infantry battalion; one tank company

            Peak strength - 1,496


South Africa: One fighter squadron

            Peak strength - 826


Sweden: Medical services


Thailand: One infantry battalion; naval forces; air and naval transports

            Peak strength - 1,294


Turkey: One fighting infantry brigade

            Peak strength - 5,455


United States:

            Peak strength - 348,000